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Gratitude – The Best Therapy!

Gratitude – The Best Therapy! Outflow gratitude, it heals, fulfills, and energizes. Many researches are being done to prove the point. You do your own research and find out if it works? If it does then insist on others to follow this too. One man can ignite the chain of gratitude and be that one man. Start chains of people habitually expressing gratitude in whole or in part to where it belongs.There

How May I Help You?

How May I Help You? The above question is a normal expression for checking out the customer needs. Who is a customer? Is the one who buys goods or services. We all are customers now and then and enjoy the privilege of being served. Being served and being taken care of are two desires which are most sought after. It is the most luxurious sensation. Waiting for it to come your way

Creating Your Future

Creating your Future Future is going to be the next moment which is not there yet. This moment is not going to change to next moment. Next moment is a new moment. Life goes moment by moment. You have the power of creating next moment. You can decide to do it differently. You can decide to do it the same way. Life takes turn the way you want it to. There

Becoming a Minimalist

Becoming a Minimalist Becoming a minimalist is new word that is catching up. The other day I met a young man who was traveling internationally expanding his business. During the conversation he pointed out that ” I am a minimalist“. The word sounded familiar but made me curious what it entails per him or for that matters for myself. What he meant was that he carries less stuff with him while

An Act of Modesty by Global Women Power

An Act of Modesty by Global Women Power Akanksha is a 15 year old girl from New Delhi, India. Currently, she is studying in 10th standard in a Central School. Mrs.Aarti Nanda used to teach her in a street school few years back and then she was admitted in a formal school with the help of one of the donors. The kind-hearted donor is paying her fees since then. The other

Sky is Not the Limit

Sky is Not the Limit “Behind every successful man is a woman and behind every successful space mission in India, there are a thousand women scientists.” My today’s blog is about the 8 women who have been highly praised by Indian as well as international media for their work on MOM – Mars Orbiter Mission launched by ISRO!! The successful mission which won accolades round the globe had 20% OF WOMEN

Share Your Cake

Share Your Cake Simplicity and frugality are two virtues and we need to inculcate them in ourselves and our younger generations. On this birthday, why don’t you do something different. Instead of having a big birthday bash, why don’t you do something different. This birthday, why don’t you spread smiles on the faces of less privileged children. A fancy party or celebration with extravagant expenses brings happiness to a few but a

NGO Adopts School

NGO Adopts School In my very first blog, I had written how education is important to everybody, be it a boy or a girl, every person has the ‘Right to Education’. Every kid deserves to read as many books as possible; every kid needs to express his or her own brilliant thoughts, ideas and reflecting them through the power of pen. It is a right of every child to explore what