Dr. Alka Chopra Madan is actively involved in social betterment activities for more than two decades. She has an educational and literary lineage. Her day comprises of managing her own businesses and helping others. She has been volunteering for many social causes.


Her personal desire is to bring a change in her own life as well as others and she sincerely works for that. She is on her mission to accomplish a calm environment for herself and others. Global Women Power is very close to her heart where she wants to create a platform for women to join and exercise their combined power for privileged and not so privileged.


Susmita Bhatacharya, an Electrical Engineer and an experienced global engineering program manager with proven track record to successfully lead, manage and deliver engineering solutions in Silicon Valley is passionate about Global Program Management, Collaborative Quality Execution, Total Customer Satisfaction and most importantly ‘Giving It Back To The Community’ bringing positive changes in this world making everyone shine.


With her decisive and influential leadership, Susmita brings wealth of knowledge and expertise developing strategic process and programs helping others and making positive differences in the global community representing her own branding ‘Together We Shine’. She has volunteered and supported many such organizations who lead and sponsor community programs. Leadership mentoring and coaching, supporting orphanage programs, sponsoring education, food and global health charity programs, Susmita is always helping others reaching their big dreams.


Global Women Power vision and mission directly connects to Susmita’s goals, projects like ‘Pencil Project’, ‘Share Your Cake’, ‘Celebration Of Life’ bringing joy and cheers to many others are very few to mention here reflecting ‘Together We Shine’.


Hubert Rampersad is a Harvard Business School endorsed author and former MIT Sloan guest professor. He has joined Global Women Power as Director of Global Membership.


Hubert is an authority on authentic personal branding. He has recently written a best-seller which is entitled ‘Authentic Personal Branding’. Through this book, Hubert guides as to how to go about building a personal brand and further communicating it to the world.


Recently, he was featured on the very famous Business Week as well.


Mark L. Wolf, an IT expert from San Francisco Area is the principal advisor of Global Women Power. Currently, he works with Oracle as an Application Expert. He has wide experience into the field of Information Technology and Services. His previous employers include big companies such as Siebel, Hitachi,, NetApp, Juniper Networks to list a few.


Mark has been very collaborative in his approach and is always open to new ideas and technology. His leadership skills have made him a great contributor and advisor at Global Women Power. His intelligence and knowledge has helped Global Women Power excel as a non-profit Organization.

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