GWP Bangladesh

Mission: Women’s governance in society with collective action.


Our Vision: An inclusive society free from all forms of discrimination economically and humanitarian particularly for women and children. Creating a viable society to establish justice and quality of life.



  1. Women friendly society;
  2. Women led entrepreneurship;
  3. Women empowerment to practice women rights.


Present interventions by the Groups:-

Weekly Court Yard meeting on personal hygiene management in the family, savings group meeting in the community, monthly meeting with the members for sorting the problems and negotiation among the villagers women how to solve the problems, women entrepreneurship through collective actions and inspiring others following the model of the successful women. Women are economically viable due to savings and rearing goats, hens, ducks and cows. Asserting decisions in the family for buying cloths, bearing the medical expenses of the children, schooling cost providing for the children. Leading the villages sanitation works which is very initial stage and collecting funds locally from the villagers to make it happen. We have a plan that every women will have the fullest right to use toilets with dignity and self-esteem. Moreover, through this initiative we will contribute to SDGs 6. Creating homestead gardening for the eco-environment in the family premises.



Plan works in Future to do more in the society:-

  1. Forming the adolescent Girls Group to represent on Menstrual Hygiene Management – MHM in the family level awareness and in the community also.
  2. Creating awareness session in the community on Savings to establish the Self Help Group- SHG.
  3. Creating self-dependent entrepreneurship in future using the self potentialities (Women from 22 to 60 yrs of age).
  4. Distribution of Sanitary napkin to the adolescent Girls especially for the school going students to manage the periods in school time.
  5. To distribute the sustainable sanitation with safely managed for the households in the village especially who are widows.
  6. Initiative of Family Planning with the Govt. to assist the women in our working areas for the mothers who have more than 3 Children in the family and still expecting for more children as a security in future life
  7. Support with stipend for the orphan Girls who don’t have meals for three times.
  8. Support in the Early Child Development School (early stage of starting education in school)
  9. Free health care facilities and campaigns for the lactating mothers
  10. Support to (Under Five) U5 Children with nutritious food
  11. Support with the hens for the widows (as per need)
  12. Support with the logistics for the persons with disabilities (PwDs)
  13. Seed distribution for the homestead gardening
  14. Women involved with cooperatives and various forums for leading the Platforms
  15. Women have taken more active role preventing Gender Based Violence in the community.
  16. Formation of Community Based volunteer Groups to take action against Early Marriage
  17. Disseminate the Emergency help line number 109 for the abuse of Girls and preventing Early Marriage and forced marriage.
  18. Changing the social positive attitudes to help the other girls and women in the society through creating a accountability mechanism
  19. To provide support during Emergency periods (floods, cyclone, disaster, climate change effects and lightening/thundering)
  20. Health care support to the traumatized patient during rape case reported and assist her with emergency care.


Target Groups:

  1. Women Group 22 to 32 years
  2. Adolescent Girls 10-21 Years
  3. Women Group 33 to 60 years
  4. Children who are Under 5 years
  5. Lactating Mothers
  6. Widows
  7. Children with Disabilities
  8. Early Childhood Development Education -ECDE (4 to 8 years)

Intend to reach 10,000 Beneficiaries in 2020.

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