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The grant support would assist us to successfully empower and carry out capacity building / skills training of poor rural women and extend a revolving fund to these poor rural women in the poorest and remote parts of our country to enable them start or improve on their micro-enterprises/income generating micro-projects.  As a measure to assist and to empower the impoverished rural women, the functional literacy / entrepreneurial skills and revolving fund program will enable them to become self-reliant and generate incomes for their households.  The women would run their own individual micro-projects and would enjoy the fruits of their own labour.  Our capacity building and empowerment project will help at least 1,500 poor rural women have their self employed activities grow.  To-date we have now helped close to 200 women with training in entrepreneurial skills and or with multiple revolving funds to succeed.

Women in Kenya are an economically disadvantaged group and rural women in particular are more economically disadvantaged.  And the poor rural women are the most economically disadvantaged.

We are a local / indigenous community based organization.  (Non-Government Organization) registered with the republic of Kenya.

Samkin foundation  is involved in capacity building of rural poor women and youth group and extension of Revolving fund to them.  We help the poor rural communities help themselves.  Our mission is to empower and improve the poor people’s opportunities to access skills and revolving fund to eradicate the root causes of poverty on local communities so as to enable them attain self-reliance sustainability through setting up their individual viable/profitable micro business to generate income for their families.  Formal credit institutions e.g. commercial bank deem these rural poor women credit risks because they lack collateral consequently they have no access to the business loan to help their self employed activities grow.  We plan to provide services to poor, low income women especially rural clients lacking access to other financial institution.  So we have a distinct commitment to reaching the poor.

Every month we have close to 120 rural poor women applying to us to participate in our capacity building and empowering program.  But we lack enough capital resources to cover all our needy / potential client to provide the much needed skills training and revolving fund service to these women.

We would therefore need additional financial resources to enable us to cover our planned programs for the year 2019-20.  Our plan is to reach 100 poor rural women every quarter of the year.  We believe that through your kind consideration, we would be able to access grant support from your organization to enable us empower and help these rural women.

This support would go a long way in the transforming of the economic and social lives of our rural poor women who are often marginalized and lack access to means of production.


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