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GWP Partners With Maisha Bora Foundation – Kenya

Global Women Power is proud to partner with Maisha Bora foundation, Kenya. Maisha Bora was founded in 2005 by two volunteers. It has grown from supporting one student at the secondary level to providing scholarships and employability support to 30 students per year. They are governed by a volunteer board made up of local professionals including teachers, an accountant, and a social worker. We at GWP support the right to education and feel that it is the ultimate tool of empowerment. It was, therefore, an easy and right fit for us to associate with Maisha Bora.

We urge our members to show support to this great organization as they have shown GWP over the years and made us what we are today. Together we must work towards the betterment of not only the community we live in but also support anyone deserving help. We are the citizens of the globe and we must be concerned about the growth of all mankind to truly make a difference in our lives.

A one-time or recurring donation to Maisha Bora helps support the next generation of Kenyans to gain an education, a job, and a future.

Please consider donating today to make an impact.