Bangladesh Chapter

Global Women Power invites you to become part of a very powerful online session with its Bangladesh chapter where you will get the opportunity to learn highly beneficial entrepreneur skills and many other more exciting personal level building exercises and events.

This chapter can be booked from anywhere in the world, once you become part of the chapter membership you will be able to access all the organized sessions from worldwide locations.

All the members will get the opportunity to create their own chapters in their respective locations in further development of the program.

There are a lot of benefits all the women who will decide to members will get with it such as

  • Spiritual and Yogic sessions: In these sessions a complete technique will be taught to the members of power building yogic practices and meditation. These yogic practices of different yoga postures will develop your overall personality; self belief and will to create the new powerful reality for yourself in terms of financial freedom, trauma relief, body relaxation, correlation and in development of equilibrium between mind body and soul.
  • Grooming Sessions: Our team of successful and independent women will provide their inputs and ideas which have helped them over the years to apply in your life as well. These grooming sessions will convert you into impactful women who state their mind and voice strongly with a magnetic effect to attract others towards her. This will help you to be taken more seriously and professionally in all walks of life.
  • Personalized conversation session: These sessions have been developed to listen to ideas of the organizers and all the member women about various topics such as financial freedom, women rights, skills that can be implemented to become independent, community work and much more.
  • Special Lectures by leading women: A special lecture will be organized where successful and leading women will share their experience and will motivate you to achieve your dreams.

This chapter session will be conducted online and will help you build international relations, awareness and will concrete your self-growth towards the women you deserve to be.