“All it takes, is one step to make the world a better place”

Volunteers are the backbone of any community service. It is the positive enthusiasm of these individuals which keeps the mission alive and active.

A volunteer is a person who gains happiness by helping others, by becoming an extension of a longer positive vision for the community.

We are always in need of such blessed souls to provide their help, participation and positivity for our various community projects.

From time to time Global women power always presents opportunities to become a volunteer in its community service projects like

Share the cake

The share the cake initiative allows you to volunteer for the happiness of little children by becoming a part of the share is care moto.

A beautiful way to connect with the community to ask for used books, education expenses support and wellbeing generous donations in form of used clothes, toys, raincoats, uniforms and others.

You can always become a volunteer to support the project and aware the community with this beautiful concept of sharing the cake.

Warm the Winters

Winters may be beautiful for us but can be a harsh experience for some people. This is an initiative we have taken to provide children in India with good quality shoes and jackets to keep them safe from the chilling winters.

The initiative requires volunteers from time to time to inform the community about the project and generate financial help for these children in need.

We have many other programs with which you can volunteer your services such as celebration of life, giving back to the community, senior citizen technology training and others.

    Become a Volunteer
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