Meet Our Sheroes

Meet Our Sheroes.’ This empowering initiative is a testament to our dedication to uplift, inspire, and showcase the incredible achievements of women from diverse backgrounds.

In a world where stories shape perceptions and inspire change, ‘Meet Our Sheroes’ is a platform designed to shed light on the extraordinary journeys of successful women who have defied expectations and broken barriers. We believe that behind every success is a unique story waiting to be shared, and through this initiative, we aim to create a space where these narratives can resonate and empower.

Global Women Power, the driving force behind the ‘Meet Our Sheroes’ initiative, embodies the spirit of Empower. Connect. Inspire.

Our mission is clear: to empower women worldwide by fostering a platform that connects them, inspires growth, and breaks barriers. We are dedicated to celebrating the richness of diversity and creating opportunities that propel women to new heights.

“Through our initiative ‘Meet Our Sheroes,’ we proudly present episodes where we interview successful women from various fields, providing them with a platform to share their stories. Our mission extends beyond the interviews – we aim to inspire women worldwide by showcasing the achievements, journeys, and insights of these remarkable individuals.

Our Events

The heart of Global Women Power beats in rhythm with our “Meet our Sheros” event series, where we bring together influential women who have excelled in their respective fields. These events are a testament to the strength and resilience of women, presenting stories that transcend borders and resonate universally.


Explore our FAQs to learn more about ‘Meet Our Sheroes.’ Find answers to common questions about our mission, the series, and how you can get involved in celebrating the achievements of remarkable women worldwide.”

Global Women Power is an empowering platform founded by Dr. Alka Chopra Madan, Meet Our Sheroes is a part of this initiative, focusing on highlighting the stories of influential women who have excelled in their respective fields.