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In March 2015, I met a woman in my office who was new to the United States of America and trying to settle down. She held my hand at the end of our meeting and asked if I would continue to help millions of other women who need the kind of help she got from me. It took me by surprise to discover how ignorant I was of the plight of women in this technologically advanced, tool-driven century. These emotionless machines and tools have us all controlled to the point that what one human needs from another has been forgotten. It was she who made me aware of the world of suppression where a woman tries both to work at home and keep her family together. In the family, she serves as a pivot around which comfort can be found. Essentially, she is a power source, and that power source needs other power sources to complement and support it.

Global Women Power was born from my desire to do my part to empower women today with their untapped potential. There is a new beginning in this endeavor every day, and every woman passes the power innate to her on to the power greater than herself. Throughout this journey, many have come and gone, but I have continued.

I am particularly passionate about and committed to three projects:

  • The Digi Woman project educates women about digital technology and provides them with virtual assistant jobs all over the world. This will make it easier for her to maintain the perfect balance between work and family. The employer allows her to work from home and choose her own hours.
  • Community Kitchen: I always wanted to have nutrition as the basis of living whether it is through food or spiritual enlightenment. Community kitchen is an attempt to fulfill the vacuum created by unhealthy ways of cooking or procuring the food. Moreover community kitchens create lots of opportunities for the women who are not capable enough to learn Digital Technology.
  • Anemia Awareness: Anemia is a silent dis-ease which goes unnoticed till it becomes an alarming concern for the overall well being of the woman’s day to day living. 

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Global Women Power is an initiative founded by Alka Chopra Madan with the aim to empower women worldwide by tapping into their potential and addressing the challenges they face in today's society.