About Global Women Power

Global women power is a nonprofit organization based in Fremont California and we are a dynamic group of independent and resolute women dedicated towards providing entrepreneur opportunities to women around the globe.

We are consistently committed in the creation of awareness and all the necessary assistance towards the betterment of women in terms of financial independence, skill enhancement, recognition and gender equality.

It is our vision to uplift all the women towards the equivalent status and much more among the society, to give them a resolute voice, confidence and make them aware of their immense possibilities.

This vision will be completed when equality will be achieved in terms of business opportunities, financial status, working on ideas, building strong communities to give voice to those who have not been heard from ages.

Our Mission

Global women power is on the mission to collaborate with all types of dynamics that can enhance and give strength to women empowerment.

Connectivity plays a big role in achieving our mission goal; we are dedicated in building healthy relationships with all business houses big or small, partnerships with government organization visions, policies which work in favor of women rights and women empowerment.

We believe each woman is a source of potential which can change the world for good. Ripping her off this potential is like capturing the hurricane in an hourglass, it’s not possible and it will never be achieved.

Our mission is filled with the enthralling energy to work for the cause of women empowerment, participate and create opportunities for all sections of society; each woman must get financial stability, working opportunity and must be given voice for her opinions.

Global Women Power