Global Women Power is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization from Fremont, California. It is the Premier Women’s Business Network all over the world. We have a dynamic and diversified culture celebrating the brilliance of women entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporate professionals. Centuries of patriarchal societies and cultures have “taught” women to be powerless. We exist to help women step out of these situations and rise.


Although we call ourselves a part of a progressed nation, the inequality faced by ‘the women gender’ cannot be ignored. It is quite visible and obvious that this unevenness has been the result of a prevalent patriarchal approach for over decades now. From the current situation, we can surely conclude that we being on the better side, it is not too difficult for us to dissolve the darker hues in their lives. All we need is a good start!


If we are to descant about women and their power, it will be an endlessly, progressing discussion. Today’s women are boundless, elegant, tough, and high-spirited. While this is the case with most determined women, unfortunately, there has been a generous number of those who are underprivileged. Global Women Power realizes this situation and thus, states its mission as, forming a global network of Women, which will help women to interact and exchange ideas. Being a part of a huge network will impart them the knowledge of how to rise above all their limitations.


Our network exists both online and in face-to-face networking events. We are the ones who provide a platform for women’s business network offering you as much power, networking, and ease of access. Everything we do is designed to help our members gain more business and help them achieve their personal goals. We are membership-supported, relationship-building, networking organization.


Global Women Power is a non-profit organization that provides opportunities, development, and resources for women all around the globe. Being financially independent and confident to manage her life on her own is the global woman and we assist in that.


We offer career-oriented training, coaching and lifelong partnership. The end result is a network of financially independent women who are visionary leaders ready to make social change, transforming the lives of women, girls, and their communities all around the globe.


Women are a great source of infinite power and strength. While one woman can create a story, millions coming together will create history. Establishing an organization for the social welfare of women is a dream nurtured by Dr. Alka Chopra Madan, the founder of Global Women Power. She strived hard to make her dream of serving the needy, a reality. Dr. Alka, a businesswoman for over a decade now, successfully manages her business along with social activities. Dr. Alka Chopra Madan thought of establishing a base where the rest of the women could come together and form a network. She strongly believes that collective consciousness is very effective and can bring about a change as compared to an individual’s thoughts.


Global Women Power is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization from Fremont, California.



Do you find joy in helping others bringing positive differences in those precious lives who are living their day to day challenging world in this 21st century facing extreme harsh reality of their daily surviving?


A glass of clean water, a blanket in an extreme cold month, a piece of pizza or a cake, a book to start recognizing the basic alphabets, a field trip to a local museum, a dignified job to stand strong on own feet, a musical note to sing, a color pencil to paint — these are not achieved in their daily challenged lives as they wake up every morning until the Sun set.


Their human dreams and hopes are not realizing ‘Sky is not the limit’. So much work needs to be done by rest of the global community who are fortunate enough to realize ‘Sky Is Not The Limit’.


Global Women Power aspires to bring a major social change around the world. Global Women Power is dedicated to bring and make positive differences in the lives of needy souls. Everyone deserves to stay healthy, eat well, read and write, feel warm and loved. Everyone deserves to dream and reach individual goal.


A vast network of business owners, professionals, social workers, those who stand for a cause are making this Global Women Power’s vision, mission a positive reality. GWP network is reaching out to needy souls around the globe, letting them know that they are not alone.


GWP consciousness has higher energy stream than individual thought process. This has been proven over and over again and now it is our responsibility, accountability to put it together! GWP is very focused to bring smiles on those faces who can equally visualize ‘Sky Is Not The Limit’.


Global Women Power is reaching out to you if we may please.

Do you feel passionate about HELPING NEEDY Souls?

Do you feel inspired to help others achieving their hopes, dreams and goals?

Do you feel motivated helping others to shine?

Do you feel making those needy souls to realize ‘Sky Is Not The Limit’?


If you answered “Yes” to these above valuable questions, then you are the right person to support and help Global Women Power, implementing their vision, mission and their strong powerful genuine causes.


These genuine causes are providing and bringing the basic Dignity Of Life, the basic Humanity and the Desires to all those needy souls who need our kind compassionate attention, who need our love. And you are supporting such powerful human thoughts, genuine causes for making this world a better place to live for many others.


The magic of an angel touch through your caring presence, through your wonderful contribution, through your financial sponsorship, through your kind donations and your most precious volunteering time and effort make GWP successful.


GWP is a registered non-profit organization that works in partnership with GWP, India towards GWP’s Projects Goals.


We are dedicated to reaching out to the needy global communities to provide them with genuine quality basic human living desires.


Through our sponsorship, donations, fundraising efforts, GWP has already played a significant role bringing such positive differences in the lives of others. Global Women Power is reaching out to you if we may please. Your valuable presence, support and help will make those needy souls shine bright.

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