Pencil Project

Each child is special in this world, and all of these little flowers must be given a proper chance to bloom and make their mark in the world.

To achieve all this each child requires education, it is a tool that will concrete their future and the first baby step towards a fruitful education life is a pencil.

Yes you have read that right , a pencil can do wonders, it can strengthen a child’s dream and future prospects. We all should consider a pencil like a small sword in the hands of a learning scout who will become a warrior one day, ready for the battle of life.

Global women power feels responsible for the education of every child and is motivated to make as many children we can support to realize their dreams.

How Global Women Power is making the difference?

Global women power initiated with its “Pencil Project”. The project is fueled by the energy of many volunteers working around the world, who collaborate with the locally available infrastructure, educational schools and community to facilitate our young ones with all the basic and necessary help we can provide to improve their education facility.

What we do in the Pencil Project

The pencil project aims to sponsor classroom

  • Books For Education
  • Pencils ,rubbers and other stationary items.
  • Field trips for the students
  • Organising science and Art projects
  • Educational trips to museums, planetariums
  • Wildlife and geographical knowledge trips such as National Forests.

We reach out to local teachers to help and educate them better with special classes.

All of these activities from a pencil, books to educational trips are organised to make the child’s brain develop for overall understanding and motivate them to dream big and better for them in future.

Events Conducted Through This Project:

In the beginning, when this project was launched, two events were conducted through the ‘Pencil Project’, one in a Himalayan school and another in Shantiniketan village in India.


Explore our FAQs section to learn more about Global Women Power’s transformative initiative, the Pencil Project. Find answers to common questions about how we empower children through education, the goals of the project, and ways you can contribute. Join us in making a difference—one pencil at a time.

The Pencil Project is an initiative by Global Women Power aimed at supporting children's education by providing them with essential tools like pencils, books, and other stationary items. It also encompasses various educational activities such as field trips, science and art projects, and educational workshops.