Senior Citizen Training

“ The power of knowledge is bound to the duty of sharing it with others”.

Lets not Forget our Elders contribution

Senior citizens play a big role in our life, they are guardians who have taught us everything we know, from our education, values and character building.

They held our hand at every step, made us learn to walk, taught us our first letters, completed all our demands when we were young.

Now it is the time to hold their hand and be of their service.

The Overwhelming advancement of Technology

With the ever increasing and changing technology they are somewhat getting left behind and we must hold here hands to be in sync and make the most of the available technology.

The innovations of today are so overwhelming that even the most tech savvy person takes some time to get clarity of use of the tech such as new age smartphones, tech updates, social media, everyday a new one pops up and it takes time to make yourself adjust to this new sensation everyone is going crazy for.

Our senior citizens have reached the age where they just not need our help with medical support and look after but they also need us to teach them this new age tech.

Most of the time the younger generation becomes a little impatient while explaining the basics such as Gmail or how to send a fine on WhatsApp or how to type on Microsoft word and save the document. This impatient behavior forces our elders to not ask again but yet they still want to learn.

Global Women Power’s Contribution to the cause

Global women power realizes this need and wants of our elders to learn the new ways of life perfectly and we have initiated to make this possible with its senior citizen technology training program.

To achieve this not so difficult task but a fulfilling experience we urge our young volunteers to come and join us and let’s help our elders together.

The volunteers can choose the technical support they wish to give and teach to our elders, while teaching and enhancing their skills we can spend some quality time and can learn from their life experience.

Our courses for senior citizens:

  • Internet
  • English Speaking
  • Google, Facebook
  • Digital News
  • Gmail, Drive
  • Designing
  • Word, Powerpoint
  • Online Games
  • Excel, Outlook
  • Website Designing
  • Computer Typing
  • Accounting
  • Microsoft
  • Skype and WhatsApp

For more details, please email us at [email protected] or call us at +1 510-830-8771

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Get quick answers to common questions about our Senior Citizen Technology Training Program. Learn about our goals, offerings, and how to participate. For more details, contact us at [email protected] or call +1 510-830-8771. Let’s empower seniors to navigate technology with ease!

The Senior Citizen Technology Training Program is an initiative by Global Women Power aimed at providing technological support and training to senior citizens.