India Chapter

Global women Power is highly dedicated and focused towards making new efforts all the time to build ever lasting relationships with more and more women

Our chapter for India promises a lot of upcoming events and our membership perks for the new joinees.

What to expect from Us

It will be a great opportunity for you to be connected with achiever women from all walks of life. Their successful stories and applied methods to achieve the same will be shared with everyone who will be part of the online sessions.

Powerful new relationships will be built as a great way to network and learn entrepreneur skills to achieve better economical growth and freedom in life.

All our online sessions will involve following services

Membership joiness will be introduced to the core meetings with the organizers and one on one question answer session to make you understand how to use your potential to a great working and economical force.

Yoga sessions will be organised where abilities to develop rock solid mental strength, focus and zeal to achieve will be developed along with yogic exercises to keep your body and mind in harmony as well.

Grooming Sessions will be kept to improve your interpersonal, social and professionally speaking skills.

Total duration of the chapter will be divided as following

  • Chapter objectives : 10 minutes
  • Introductive development of team and members : 45 minutes
  • Implementation of expertly designed sessions and event : 12 minutes
  • Special conversion by Organizer and related speakers : 30 minutes
  • Yoga Sessions
  • Grooming Sessions
  • Special events for members only

It will be a great opportunity for all the women to connect with the achievers and learn life changing skills.

We hope to see you all there soon enough