An Act of Modesty by Global Women Power

Akanksha is a 15 year old girl from New Delhi, India. Currently, she is studying in 10th standard in a Central School. Mrs.Aarti Nanda used to teach her in a street school few years back and then she was admitted in a formal school with the help of one of the donors. The kind-hearted donor is paying her fees since then. The other expenses such as her books and other study material are borne by her father who works as a watchman. Mrs. Nanda found that even after attending these schools, not many children have continued with their studies in spite of all encouragement that is bestowed upon them. Akansha is amongst the very few who have reached this level and continue to enlighten their lives with education. Currently, Akansha lives in the outhouse of a community school as her parents cannot afford a home but wish to educate her. She acquires good grades at school and wishes to become a doctor when she grows up. Mrs. Nanda wants to help her by funding her studies and also prior to that helping her with some sort of career counselling so that she knows what she is planning for her future in terms of her studies is right for her. Mrs. Nanda on behalf of Global Women Power wishes to guide Akansha about her further educational process as her parents being uneducated are unable to do so.
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