What is the meaning of life without a little celebration? We all work very hard, go from one life’s challenge to another and it becomes a never ending process.

In this race trying to always keep ourselves ahead of others we forget that life comes with an expiry date.

Yes, our time is limited on this planet, the next very moment can become the final tick on the clock, all the goals, dreams, occupied materialism, relationships will vanish in that one moment of absolution.

So life must be celebrated whenever and wherever it gives us the chance. We should always cherish each moment , making it the best present moment of our lives.

Global Women Power’s effort for the cause

Global Women Power realizes the importance of life, so we have dedicated our time to create events where we spread joyful moments with everyone, let there be no room for gloominess but only light of laughter, happiness and celebration with each other.

What we do in our Celebration of Life Event

In our life of celebration event we organise many spectacular moments by celebrating

  • Birthdays of all those who are connected with us as members, volunteers, sponsors and others.
  • Special birthday and retirement celebrations for our beloved senior citizens.
  • Graduation ceremonies for the youth to take the next mantle for their working lives.
  • Weddings and Receptions to celebrate the new beginnings as a union.
  • Musicals, dancing performances bring the joy and celebration of every moment of life.

These celebrations allow us to generate funds for those who need it the most around the globe. This task is achieved by the relentless effort of our volunteers

This project was inaugurated in the year 2016 and has become a strong project to celebrate life by our events and generate generous help from our supporters to help the needy.

How to become part of these events

You can always connect with us through our website contact us form or If you have any further questions, you may write to us at [email protected] or call us at 510-830-8771.

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