Empower Lives

Empowering others’ needs in this world means empowering bliss for our own souls. Since the inception of our organisation we have always found ways to help and uplift those who need us the most.

What is the Empower lives Project?

Our project to empower lives is an outstanding way to achieve the goal to help women, children and senior citizens worldwide. Every year the motivated team of GWP organises a fundraiser event that can change lives of many who need it the most. The empower live is a beautiful project supported by so many eventful activities which acts as a medium to raise funds annually.

How does the Empower lives project work?

The empower lives project is organised with multiple event sponsorships like

  • Musical Concerts: An evening of music and joy with the soulful music by talented singers, who will create the most memorable time. The project members, volunteers and paid artists will showcase their talents.
  • Art festival: An art festival will be organised in which renowned artists will present their masterpieces which are definitely to fall in love for. You can buy any piece of art which makes a connection with you. All of the paintings, sketches, modern art and a variety of other artifacts will be present in the festival.
  • Knowledge sharing sessions: We will organise sessions where everyone can share their knowledge and ideas to improve our cause of women empowerment, these healthy discussions build our future plans and we learn from the communities valuable feedback and wisdom.
  • Fashion show events: Fashion show events will be a part of the project where trendy and classic both sets of designs and a range of artsy fashion clothes designed by some of the most talented designers will be there.
  • Dancing Events: Dancing events to showcase talent to the world will be one of the attractions of the empower lives project.
  • Dinner Events: A dinner event with every one who have been part of the project along with the organisers, volunteers will be closing of the project.

How is the raised fund utilised ?

All the help raised from your side as the monetary fund will be utilised for the welfare and empowering projects in various countries for

  • For education purposes: The basic education requirements will be taken care of unfortunate little children in the form of classes, books, dresses, shoes and much more.
  • Employment for women: We will organise boot camps and workshops to teach self-employment skills to unemployed women so they can earn a dignified living for them and their families.
  • Medical Aid: Medical equipment and medicines will be distributed among the needy be it children, women and senior citizens.

If you wish to become a part of GWP Empower Lives event then connect with us from the information given in contact us.

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Welcome to the Empower Lives Project FAQs. Here, you’ll find concise answers about our initiative. Learn about our mission, how we operate, fund usage, and how you can get involved. For further inquiries or to join us, contact us below. Together, let’s empower lives globally.

The Empower Lives Project is an initiative by our organization aimed at helping women, children, and senior citizens globally. Through fundraising events, we strive to make a positive impact on those who need it the most.