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At Global Women Power we have started our project for teaching Senior Citizens, the basic computer skills for Free. As we felt teaching Senior Citizens is giving back to the community on our part. We are teaching Senior citizens, who are retired, have time on their hand, and cannot catch up with the advancement of the technology world around them. As often told to us -They feel incompetent and at times overwhelmed by not being part of the world. And some on the other hand need to look for work but cannot find suiteable jobs, or they are missing on opportunities which require basic computer skills. The lack of skills have become a barrier for their communication with their loved ones, distances are created in their hearts besides being miles apart.
Children, grandchildren and even some peers could play and operate electronic devices at their fingertips. We are welcoming Senior Citizen students with open arms from all walks of life and cultures. So far we have 17 students, most of them have graduated with new skills for life and with a better understanding of the technology. Senior students have to be taught very patiently and using more visually and practically step by step. While teaching seniors, one has to use different teaching tools like repetition and visual presentations as a learning tool. “Below is my experience with my first senior citizen student”


I had my first Senior Citizen student class today. My student was so excited and happy to learn the different functions of Google drive. And I am so happy that I added value to his life and happiness. He was happy, enthusiastic, and felt satisfied. I was reminded of my father. At the age of 70 years, he also went to computer school with great enthusiasm to learn basics of computers. Going to the school was the highlight of his life then. Nothing would stop him from going to school. He always looked forward to his class. He used to get very disappointed when the tutor cancelled the class. I see that same enthusiasm in my Senior Citizen students today. It’s such a humbling experience. Senior Citizens lives are full of rich life experiences. They know so many skills and they are good are at so many things, they just need to be reminded about it, whenever they feel they are lacking some technical skills. My students refused to believe me when I said I was also learning some new things/ skills with them. It must be so frustrating to see their young grandchildren do things with the computers and other electronic devices / gadgets with much ease. It is indeed a very humbling moment for the seniors. Often the kids and grandchildren do not have the patience or even the time to spend with seniors to teach them basic technical skills. I am so glad to be able to teach seniors and I feel so devoid of words to describe my feelings. Serves a very big part of my life goals – giving back to the community. I have had many wonderful encounters with my senior students. I learnt along the way too, many skills and mainly about life from them.
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