Launch Your Business

Have you been thinking about your dream project for years now, taking every careful step in consideration before finally deciding to go for it.

We understand this perfectly, the sleepless nights, excitement, and a feeling to achieve something because you know that your vision can actually make the difference.

“Well we believe in you too.”

One thing to know is that every business becomes a success with a careful structure, functioning and planning but the best plan comes when a business is launched at the right place and at the right time.

The challenges of a new business

The launch of business is very challenging and can become strenuous for the beginners as a lot of factors play a pivotal role such as

  • Giving a clear presentation of the newly launched business.
    Networking with the right people.
  • And crafting the financial blueprint from the launch to the working is highly crucial.
  • Failing to achieve any of three can lead to unwanted hurdles in your dream project.

All of these challenges are faced by everyone who has started their business at first.

‘Business Launching’ will be an ongoing project which will extend a helping hand to business owners and entrepreneurs to launch their businesses at Global Women Power events.

The Global women Power Initiative

Keeping this in mind Global Women Power have come up with the idea to promote new business launches at its organised various social and business networking events.

The benefits of these events

It’s a great opportunity for those women who are looking to inaugurate their business.

Interaction with highly influential people to present your business projects and ideas.

Distribution of flyers and brochures with the present people to give a detailed idea about your business services.

Advice from already successful entrepreneurs and business owners.

If someone likes your business prospect, it is highly possible that one can become your active investor or client.

One of our many launch events

This project was initiated in the year 2016 when ‘Soulful Musical Stretching’ was launched at the Bay Area Ladies Night event in Fremont, California. Soulful Musical Stretching is a dance and stretching class conducted by Susmita Bhatacharya from San Jose. She describes it as, ‘A creative expression of musical meditation joy, an artistic freedom enriched by musically empowered, graceful stretching, fostering mind, body, and soul connections for our inner Mindfulness and Emotional Energy – embrace the present moment, overflowing with musical self-exploration.


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Have questions about Global Women Power’s Business Launching initiative and how it can benefit you as an entrepreneur? Find answers to common inquiries below:

Business Launching is an ongoing project initiated by Global Women Power to assist business owners and entrepreneurs in launching their ventures at various events. It offers support in presenting new businesses, networking with influential individuals, and crafting financial plans, among other benefits.