“I never feel age… If you have creative work, you don’t have age or time.”
» Louise Nevelson

This phrase by Louise Nevelson is so beautiful. With the fast paced life and growing need of technology, there is so much to explore every day. People living their second innings are learning new technologies and leaving no stone unturned to match up with the digital era.

From creating an email to opening a Facebook account or using Whatsapp, this new generation of elderly people is well accustomed to everything. Few days back, I came across someone who was using a laptop for the very first time, his will to learn and enthusiasm was commendable.

There are very few organizations which take the initiative of teaching senior citizens the latest trends in technology. Global Women Power is one such organization which has taken the initiative of educating elderly people and that too for free.

We at Global Women Power understand the need of teaching the golden agers the hacks of digital era.

Old is the New Young