Celebration of Life

Celebration of Life

With ‘Celebration of Life’ project, Global Women Power values life celebration moments – Birthdays, Senior Citizen Birthdays, Graduations, Weddings, and Retirement.

Valuable life celebration moments participation allows GWP to spread the joy of sharing celebration cakes with many other needy souls around the world with the help of GWP’s ‘Share Your Cake’ project.

‘Celebration of Life’ project connects people through soulful musical performances bringing rhythmic joy and smiles embracing life moments artistically. The ‘Celebration of Life’ project began in the year 2016 and will be an ongoing project in an attempt to spread smiles in the senior citizens’ community.

80th Birthday Celebration of Ramesh Kumar Ji

93rd Birthday Celebration of Arnie

Life Celebration of Shree Ramjoy Lahiri

Celebration Of Life, Susmita Bhatacharya honoring and remembering her beloved father, Shree Ramjoy Lahiri’s wonderful life sharing snacks and ice cream with these beautiful children at Adyapith orphanage, West Bengal, India.

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