Launch Your Business

Launch Your Business

Launching a new business or venture is an arduous task. The amount of hard work and the capital that goes into launching event is considerable. Global Women Power came up with an idea that a new business/venture could be launched at its every social and business networking event. This project provides a great platform for ladies who are looking for inaugurating their business.

During the business launch event, the business owner can interact with ladies present to understand their interests. Fliers and brochures explaining the business or services in detail can be distributed by the business owner.

This project was initiated in the year 2016 when ‘Soulful Musical Stretching’ was launched at the Bay Area Ladies Night event in Fremont, California. Soulful Musical Stretching is a dance and stretching class conducted by Susmita Bhatacharya from San Jose. She describes it as, ‘A creative expression of musical meditation joy, an artistic freedom enriched by musically empowered, graceful stretching, fostering mind, body, and soul connections for our inner Mindfulness and Emotional Energy – embrace the present moment, overflowing with musical self-exploration.



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‘Business Launching’ will be an ongoing project which will extend a helping hand to business owners and entrepreneurs to launch their businesses at Global Women Power events.

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