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A pencil can make a HUGE difference. GWP Pencil Project sponsors classroom books, pencils, field trips, Science and art projects helping children achieving their big dreams growing up in financially challenged environments.

Global Women Power launches a new initiative – ‘Pencil Project’. Today’s world needs to help fellow human citizens, spreading the joy of knowledge and knowledge is power. Every kid deserves to read as many books as possible; every kid needs to express his or her own brilliant thoughts and ideas reflecting them through the power of pen.

Every kid deserves to explore what nature has to offer him or her, a trip to a local museum, a trip to a national forest or getting to know their capital city history. Pencil Project reaches out to teachers and the students so as to help many challenged classrooms achieving their academic goals by bringing them pencils, pens, books, sponsoring their field trips and class projects. Either through collecting books, pens, pencils from kind and caring donors or through educational expenses sponsorship with the help of individual contribution or charitable donation from business organizations.

Pencil Project is very focused making sure that children’s academic achievements and their goals are getting accomplished little baby step at a time ultimately reaching their live dreams developing the power of knowledge and wisdom.



In the beginning, when this project was launched, two events were conducted through the ‘Pencil Project’, one in a Himalayan school and another in Shantiniketan village in India.



Donating pencils, pens, books or educational expenses sponsorship (field trips and classroom projects) to needy children from rural parts of India.

The pencil project was initiated in the year 2014 by one of our team leaders during her trip to Himalayas, India. Since then, Global Women Power has strived hard to reach more and more students from rural and remote areas in India to distribute school supplies to these children.

Interested sponsors can DONATE from this page or contact Global Women Power at+1-(844)-77-WOMEN or email us at [email protected] or [email protected]


Tiara Bhatacharya, daughter of Susmita and Partho (Phil) Bhatacharya, San Jose, California, USA, on the occasion of her birthday, donated some stationery items to the needy children from Sannidhi Primary School (Guild for Service, supported by Women’s Rehabilitation Group) in Jaipur, Rajasthan (India). The stationery items that were donated were registers, crayons, drawing sheets, drawing books, color pencils, ruled books, pencils, erasers, rulers, and 2 large tack boards for putting up drawings.

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