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Project Description

Empower Lives‘ is GWP’s Annual Fund Raising Project effort. Through this incredible and very effective project, GWP arranges annual event to generate and raise money for needy souls producing and sponsoring musical benefit concert, art festival, knowledge sharing session, fashion show event, dinner and DJ dancing event to empower people’s lives bringing education to employment to medical help to artistic creativity to field trips leadership dreams to many many needy souls across the globe, giving it back to the community. GWP’s ‘Empower Lives’  project brings others’ hopes and dreams to reality, taking a little baby step at a time, many needy souls can then equally visualize that ‘Sky Is Not The Limit’ for them either in their little worlds.It is actually beyond cloud for them as well to accomplish their life goals and dreams. We are in it together and Together We Shine Bright. Love Joy Peace Harmony Health and Happiness To All.