“Behind every successful man is a woman and behind every successful space mission in India, there are a thousand women scientists.”

My today’s blog is about the 8 women who have been highly praised by Indian as well as international media for their work on MOM – Mars Orbiter Mission launched by ISRO!!

The successful mission which won accolades round the globe had 20% OF WOMEN SCIENTISTS DEEPLY INVOLVED IN THE MARS MISSION – Ritu Karidhal, Moumita Dutta, Nandini Harinath, Anuradha TK, N Valarmathi, Minal Sampath, Kriti Faujdar and Tessy Thomas are few of them.

Behind the scenes, away from the public eye, quiet, unassuming and positively brilliant women spearhead many important missions of the Indian Space Research Organization. These women have not only broken the glass ceilings but have not even thought of the sky as their limit.

This women’s day, all beautiful women, let us pledge to work hard and become more successful.

Sky is Not the Limit