Warm The Winter

Do you know that a majority of kids in India that come from a poverty stricken background are forced to sleep on the roads.

They barely have any clothes to cover them properly and those who have, are wearing them from years in the torned condition.

The Chilling Reality of the situation

This situation becomes worse when the winters arrive, the temperature falls less than 5 degrees and nights become so chilled that even the rich shiver in their comforted beds in their luxury houses. Ever wondered how difficult those chilling to the bone, cold windy nights must be to those kids with no clothes and shoes on the streets. The number of deaths increases every year in the winters because of this very reason.

Global Women Power: Warm the winter’s project

Global women power realise that each kid deserves to live, get education, and achieve his dreams.

Warm the winters is one of our projects which works to make these winters at least bearable for these poverty stricken children.

How are we going to help?

Through this project the team of GWP will work on

  • Providing these children in need with warm clothes in the form of sweaters and jackets.
  • blankets to survive the bone chilling winters.
  • Quality shoes will be given to as many kids our volunteers can reach.

Previous Projects

The Warm the Winters project began in the state of Punjab. It was conducted in the New Government School in Fatehgarh Sahib followed by Government Elementary School, Kalundi. The first phase of ‘Warm the Winters’ began in the month of October 2016. Since then, three phases of distribution have been completed in Punjab, India. This will be an ongoing project of Global Women Power.

How To Help The Needy?

  • Donation Cost: The cost of sponsoring shoes and sweaters for each student is $10.The minimum donation for this project is $10 (for one kid) and the maximum donation is $100 (for ten kids).
  • Ways to Donate: Global Women Power accepts donations for the ‘Warm the Winters’ project through online transactions (Amazon Payment Gateway) from the GWP website or a check drawn in favor of GWP.

Interested sponsors can DONATE from the website or contact Global Women Power at+1-(844)-77-WOMEN or email us at [email protected]

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The Warm the Winters project is an initiative by Global Women Power aimed at providing warm clothing, blankets, and shoes to children from poverty-stricken backgrounds in India to help them cope with the harsh winters.