Why Global Women Power Supports Empowerment?

Empowerment is the act of improving women’s lives by imparting education, awareness, and providing them with vocational training. We at GWP aim to create Women leaders and business owners who will not only support their own family but can help change the economy for the better. Women are the caregivers of the household and often the first teachers. An empowered woman can raise educated and well-informed children. Since children are the future of the world, all seek to benefit from the empowerment of this gender. That is why we at Global Women Power drive our resources to help find women empowerment, education, and enhancement. With the help of your generous donations and selfless volunteering work, we can achieve global empowerment that will change lives. We offer career-oriented training, coaching and lifelong partnership. The end result is a network of financially independent women who are visionary leaders ready to make social change, transforming the lives of women, girls, and their communities all around the globe. Global Women Power is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization from Fremont, California. Donors can deduct contributions made to Global Women Power under IRC section 170.
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