Global women power have always tried to find new mediums and ways to uplift women across the globe.

Our efforts vary from giving entrepreneurial skills to grooming classes and also to provide real employment.

Employment is the best way to help a woman as it gives her the confidence to work and earn on her own.

The team of GWP is always present to provide the necessary help to these women’s in various employment schemes such as

  • To make different selling objects with minimum investments, our volunteers personally visit these women and teach them how to make bags, small artifacts and also in the countries like Bangladesh and Kenya we have taught how to generate income with sewing machines and farming technology of different types.
  • We have also helped them organize stalls of foods and their goods at various events to promote their employment creation.

The impact of this movement has been good and has helped hundreds of women worldwide but yet a lot is left to achieve as our mission to help every woman on the planet who is in need of our help.

A financially stable woman with an employment skill will build confidence and the lost spark will return in her eyes to fulfill her dreams once again.

All our volunteers and organization members are dedicated and motivated with this positive outlook to create as much employment as possible for all the women in need and empower them for a better life.

If you wish to connect with us and wish to know more about our creating employment project than connect with us from the contact us form.

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