Global women power has worked for years to uplift the financial, mental and Voice of women from various sections of the society. 

It has been a long journey to empower women and make her rise above the patriarchy system.  

We have always focused on building these women into a strong character individual with our membership, events and women rights campaigns in different countries. 

Along the road we have gathered an immense number of support for the cause. We are grateful to all those who have associated with us in some way and other to keep the mantle for women empowerment strong and bold.

Over the years we came across fantastic and energetic individual women who have contributed to our cause in their unique ways.

Our Supporters contribution

Global women power was started as humble organization with a few members at first but as the word spread, we have gained support for

  • conducting workshops for underprivileged women: We have gained an immense level of support to conduct these workshops online with hundreds of women worldwide, making them aware of the hidden opportunities around, which they can easily turn to for their financial betterment. The organising and successful conduct with the clear message and providing fair chance for everyone is only achieved by the contribution of our supporters.
  • Creating Educational courses for women: Our voluntary supporters have contributed towards the basic education development of the women located in the most underprivileged of backgrounds. This basic education has forged great amounts of confidence in their mental and self respect.
  • Community support: Our organization has always worked and collaborated with interested individuals from the community to become part of the GWP cause for women empowerment and financial upliftment.

We have received humble donations from the supporters which have been utilized for the different programs and events we organise for women worldwide.

If you wish to become our voluntary supporter, please connect with us from the contact information given in contact us.

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