Dr. Alka Chopra Madan is actively involved in social betterment activities for more than two decades. She has an educational and literary lineage. Her day comprises of managing her own businesses and helping others. She has been volunteering for many social causes.


Her personal desire is to bring a change in her own life as well as others and she sincerely works for that. She is on her mission to accomplish a calm environment for herself and others. Global Women Power is very close to her heart where she wants to create a platform for women to join and exercise their combined power for privileged and not so privileged.


Harsimrat Kaur Khalsa (Nancy Tobesman) is the Vice President of Global Women Power – USA chapter. She is very active to promote assistance for distressed women. She is also the President and Founder of Guru Granth Parchar Mission of USA, Inc. She is a white American who has studied intensely for years the Guru Granth Sahib in comparison with the ancient Hebrew Scriptures and Christian writings. She has translated the Jap Ji Sahib of Guru Nanak into the Hebrew language. She travels internationally and recites Gurbani in the ancient Gurmukhi script, sings hymns, and lectures about the optimistic view that the Creator has for each person, and the ultimate free gift of His Holy Essence made accessible to all. She is also a certified Sports Massage Therapist who has provided much of her time to healing others.


Ebunoluwa Fapounda hails from western Nigeria. She has always liked to help people and her life has always been devoted to individuals, family, couples counseling, and making a difference in people’s lives.


She is a nursing assistant/HHA by profession. Her passion for cooking made her cater for events like wedding parties, baby showers, retirement parties, etc. She joined the company called Compassionate Network helping the community and the needy and trying to make a difference in other people’s lives. She is a proud mom to three children and they have always supported her in every endeavor of her life mainly those which involved helping others. These are the 3 people who have been helping her all throughout her life with all these organizations. She says, “I am honored to be a part of Global Women Power and will contribute whatever best potential I have.”


Netra Chavan an Immigration Specialist, Social Media Connector, Enterpreneuer who is being a strong support system and a guide for many members on H4, H1B, L1B, F1, visa community today.


A founder of ‘H4 and H1B visa Holders’ facebook Group having 60000+ members and growing since 2009. The group today is not just related to INDIA [NRI’s] but is serving many USA visa holders universally. Its a organised peace-loving group connecting visa community together and helping them towards; Relieving the undue unseen stress of many non-immigrant H1B visa holders issues, Guiding many spouses on H4 visa affected by domestic violence, Connecting various businesses and much more. Its an achievement in itself, indirectly getting unlimited appreciations and blessings.


She is considered as an EMPATH, who understands where people are coming from and the impact of the immigration on them today, finally, providing a calming effective power to remain positive and persistent. She has been very vocal visa community helper attending various rallies and political events to bring awareness on Greencard backlog and Legal Dreamer issues.


Having said that she is an excellent photographer and received recognition as Best Photographer Award – 2007 and Celebrity Status Award – 2019. A very friendly, helpful, calm and composed woman always ready to provide personal attention whenever required.


Hubert Rampersad is a Harvard Business School endorsed author and former MIT Sloan guest professor. He has joined Global Women Power as Director of Global Membership.


Hubert is an authority on authentic personal branding. He has recently written a best-seller which is entitled ‘Authentic Personal Branding’. Through this book, Hubert guides as to how to go about building a personal brand and further communicating it to the world.


Recently, he was featured on the very famous Business Week as well.


Mark L. Wolf, an IT expert from San Francisco Area is the principal advisor of Global Women Power. Currently, he works with Oracle as an Application Expert. He has wide experience into the field of Information Technology and Services. His previous employers include big companies such as Siebel, Hitachi,, NetApp, Juniper Networks to list a few.


Mark has been very collaborative in his approach and is always open to new ideas and technology. His leadership skills have made him a great contributor and advisor at Global Women Power. His intelligence and knowledge has helped Global Women Power excel as a non-profit Organization.

JD Sanders

J. D. Sanders, M.Ed., SPHR, SPHR-CA, SHRM-SCP is currently a Business, Management & HR Consultant with over 25 years of experience and Founder/Owner of JD Sanders Consulting. He is a CEO/Cofounder of CalHRSuccess, LLC. He is a Business & HR Leader with extensive expertise in strategic management, OD, conflict management, harassment prevention, performance management, workforce planning and integration both in large and small high-tech companies. JD has worked extensively (over 12 years of experiences) with various Unions. (policy/contract development, negotiations, grievances, day-to-day management, understanding labor law, working with the NLRB, etc.)

He has experience with schools/education institutions at all levels, private and public sector entities and is a qualified Federal, California State and local contractor. He has over 15 years’ experience training diversity & inclusion and harassment prevention. He is known for the successful ability to align human resources with organization business objectives and leadership development.

He was recognized with the 2015 NCHRA Distinguished Service Award, the 2010 NCHRA Leadership Award. He has extensive experience with startups, creating organizational infrastructure and developing HR departments from scratch. He has mentored and coached numerous executives, managers, and HR Professionals. He focuses on helping individuals and organizations grow.

JD has facilitated organizations through the strategic planning process and developed/implemented complete compensation and benefits systems. He is a poised presenter, instructor and facilitator, able to bring together diverse working groups and project teams – fostering a genuine sense of motivation. (650)224-4375, Linked-In “JD (Jeff) Sanders, SPHR”, , &

Gaurika Gupta

Gaurika Gupta is a technologist with over 10 years of tech experience in SAP, QA, Data Science, and Product management. Having recorded significant successes both in corporate world and day-to-day life through technology-driven solutions, combined with excellence in teaching, she co-launched a company in 2015, “Young Gates – Kids Online Coding Classes”, where kids thrive and flourish in learning programming without hassle.

Besides her professional work, her penchant for social work and zeal to give back to society led her to join Global Women Power as a Life Member in 2017 . She worked as ambassador in India for Global Women Power in 2019 and was managing events organized in India.She is now CTO for GWP in US and contributing to the vision of GWP.



Aarti Nanda from New Delhi holds the position of Regional Director – India for Global Women Power. After working for almost a decade as a school teacher, she is now working as an insurance entrepreneur.


Her focus has always been towards serving underprivileged sections of the society personally and also through her profession. In the past, she has taught at schools for the students below the poverty line and mentored many students to pursue lucrative careers in their field of interest.


The sense of satisfaction derived from that has motivated her to pursue philanthropic work in the field of education and healthcare. Her style of working strongly reflects the ‘theory of change’ and believes in bringing about change at the ground level to create impact.


Anshu Harsha is the Regional Director for Global Women Power, she is a graduate of Arts and has had a life of many colors, Entrepreneur, singer and writer she wears multiple hats with grace and power.


The Bizz 2010, Dainik Bhaskar MSME 2011, Business and Service Excellence 2012, 95 FM Tadka’s Women Recognition 2014 just a few awards in her long list of achievements. She has also written for various National Leading News Papers and has been running the magazine SIMPLY JAIPUR as an editor.


Has had two of her poems selected by leading publishing house of Jaipur on the subject “STRI ho ker Sawal Kerti hai. She has always had an inclination towards Music ( Vocal & Instrumental ) and launched one Rajasthani Bhajan Cassette and Cds name “AASTHA” in her own voice. Also published a collection of Hindi poems book name “ SABDO KA SAMANDER “ and is a TV Host on DD Rajasthan – LIVE Talk Show with Raja Hasan, Om Puri, Anup Jalota, Tushar Gandhi, BiBi Russel etc. Organizer of RIFF – Rajasthan International Film Festival from 2014, Anshu Harsha is a formidable woman.


Susmita Bhatacharya, an Electrical Engineer and an experienced global engineering program manager with proven track record to successfully lead, manage and deliver engineering solutions in Silicon Valley is passionate about Global Program Management, Collaborative Quality Execution, Total Customer Satisfaction and most importantly ‘Giving It Back To The Community’ bringing positive changes in this world making everyone shine.


With her decisive and influential leadership, Susmita brings wealth of knowledge and expertise developing strategic process and programs helping others and making positive differences in the global community representing her own branding ‘Together We Shine’. She has volunteered and supported many such organizations who lead and sponsor community programs. Leadership mentoring and coaching, supporting orphanage programs, sponsoring education, food and global health charity programs, Susmita is always helping others reaching their big dreams.


Global Women Power vision and mission directly connects to Susmita’s goals, projects like ‘Pencil Project’, ‘Share Your Cake’, ‘Celebration Of Life’ bringing joy and cheers to many others are very few to mention here reflecting ‘Together We Shine’.

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