Why to donate?

To give generously for someone who is not as fortunate as the one who gives, is a great blessing. The power to give makes you in control, in your decision to bring change in someone’s life.

Giving and to say donating is a special ability, means you have the power of creation, you can create a life altering experience for someone in a good way.

It’s an unspoken rule by the universe that the channel of energy flows from the higher abundant place to the empty place where it is not present, to the place of most need. So in a way you have been chosen to donate for someone in need.

There is nothing as satisfying and inner bliss like donating for someone’s happiness.

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Pencil Project

Warm The Winters

How donations will be used

Every penny of your donation, or any other goods such as books, shoes, clothes and other things will be used to facilitate to its best ability, for women in need, little children and senior citizens.

The gathered donations will be channelaised through our various projects we have created such as

Global Women Power is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization from Fremont, California. Kindly contribute to support the empowerment of women, children, and senior citizens so as to bring about a sustainable change in their lives.

Kindly Donate

“Donate generously to bring the change “

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