Donate For Someone’s Happiness

Life is not generous to everyone , there are many in the world who have to struggle for their basic needs and rights everyday.

It takes only a little effort to bring a massive positive change in someone’s life. Your donation can wipe away years of tears and trauma and can bring a smile on the face of many.

Your small donation can change

  • A woman’s life: Every amount donated by you will be utilised for the various activities such as organising personality development, basic education, teaching self employment skills to the underprivileged women to give them a life of dignity.
  • A child’s Future: A portion of your donation will be used to educate the little children from countries like Kenya, Bangladesh, India and others. A child’s funded education will make him a stronger, well informed and skilled person rather than ending up being a hand to mouth labour.
  • Senior Citizens lasting days: There are many senior citizens who are in need of love, support and basic amenities like home, medicines and support equipment for the elderly age. Your donation can ease a senior citizen’s last days and you will be blessed immensely.

Our Esteemed Contributors

We are very thankful for our esteemed and generous contributors who have donated for the vision of global women power


  • Amrita Walia
  • Dr. Bhupinder Bhandari
  • Dr. Harmesh Kumar
  • Dr. Ria Singh
  • Ginni Bedi
  • Kalavandana Dompaka
  • Lakshmi Tumati
  • Rajni Bhardwaj
  • Roopali Verma
  • Sheetal Yadav
  • Shehzad Madan
  • Spandana Rameswaram
  • Ushadevi Baskaran
  • Uma Puri


  • Mohinder Kaur Gulati
  • Sapna Dugar Mittal
  • Srujani D.
  • Sunil Joshi


  • Droisys, Inc.
  • Embtel Solutions
  • Tricity
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